Radomil Kožuský’s Law office was founded in Prague on 18th January 2011 and is registered in the Czech Bar Association under the number CBA: 13 542. Due to the increase of interest  in the area of North Moravia, we established a branch of our office in Nový Jičín on 1st January 2015 and from 16th November 2015 we established a branch of our law office in the area of Karlovy Vary region, Cheb.

Radomil Kožuský’s Law Office currently provides legal services for the Czech as well as foreign clients in Czech, English and German language, in all major areas of law.

Legal services

Radomil Kožuský’s Law office provides mainly the following legal services:


  • Transformations of companies (mergers, divisions, changes to legal form)
  • Transfers of ownership interests (business shares, stock)
  • The sale of all or part of an enterprise
  • Legal and tax audits, tax optimisation
  • Labour-law aspects (transfer of employees, collective agreements)
  • The protection of minority shareholders / members


  • Flexible holding structure design with respect to the flow of dividends
  • Protection of assets (especially real estate) or different types of loans and credit etc.
  • Double taxation agreement
  • Income tax optimization
  • Individual destinations reputation


  • Legal analysis and preparation of insolvency proposals
  • Declaration of claims in insolvency proceedings
  • Legal consulting regarding possible solutions to the bankruptcy situation
  • Incidental disputes solutions
  • Legal representation of creditors or debtors throughout the insolvency proceedings
  • Comprehensive legal advice to creditors and debtors in bankruptcy law


  • Employment contracts and agreements for work performed outside of an employment relationship
  • Management contracts
  • Changes in and terminations of employment
  • Representation before the courts in labour law disputes & the preparation and submission of lawsuits
  • Protection of employee rights


  • Legal advice relating mainly to the Act no. 326/1999 Coll., Residence of Aliens in the Czech Republic and amending certain Acts (the Aliens Act) and Act no. 325/1999 Coll., on asylum
  • Representing clients in all relevant processes related to short-term stay
  • Representing clients in all relevant processes related to long-term stay
  • Representing clients in all relevant processes concerning permanent residence
  • Representing clients in all relevant processes related to visa issues


  • Establishing business organisations and cooperatives
  • Establishing joint-stock companies (advisory concerning the specifics of establishment of this type of legal entity, the possibility of intra-community transfer of European registered company, variability management of this type of company etc.).
  • The implementation of an increase or decrease in registered capital, company transformations, changes in the type or form of shares, the squeeze-out of minority shareholders, takeover offers and other operations
  • The preparation of all the necessary documents, register entries, authorisations, concessions, licences and other formal requirements needed for establishment, administration and changes to a company
  • Legal relationships between the company and its associates, or among the associates themselves


  • Providing advice on financial institutions internationally
  • Representing in all relevant processes related to opening
  • Bank accounts in selected locations (without going there in person)
  • Cooperation with a large number of banking institutions around the world
  • (for example Russia, Dominica, Panama, Switzerland, Britain, the Seychelles, China,
  • Labuan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Dubai etc.)
  • We also provide advice on selecting a suitable destination sites for safe storage of your funds


  • The purchase and sale of real estate
  • Leases and subleases of residential and non-residential spaces
  • Financing and restructuring
  • The settlement of disputes connected with the aforementioned real estate transactions
  • Legal consulting regarding the foundation and administration of housing cooperatives and associations of flat owners
  • Security instruments (rights of user, pledge contracts, pre-emptive rights, etc.)
  • Comprehensive development projects


  • Acts connected with marriage & prenuptial agreements
  • Representation in divorce proceedings
  • Representation and drafting agreements or proposals for the regulation of a parent’s or grandparent’s contact with a child
  • Representation and drafting agreements or proposals in matters of alimony among spouses
  • Representation and draft of agreements or proposals relating to foster care (custody of another person, foster care, adoption, guardianship)
  • Representation and handling proposals in determining or denying paternity


  • The representation of clients before the national Industrial Property Office and such offices in other countries
  • Contracts oriented towards the protection of intellectual property rights
  • Arranging the protection of intellectual property, especially trademarks, patents and industrial designs
  • Representation in proceedings on trademarks throughout the European Union
  • Representation in proceedings concerning an international trademark
  • Representation in administrative and common courts when enforcing rights arising from industrial ownership, copyrights and rights from economic competition


  • Regulation of legal relations to development land
  • Procedures for zoning, planning decisions and building permits
  • Contractual relations in construction, fixed work contracts
  • Contracts with architects, designers, construction foremen
  • Environmental Impact Assessments – EIA
  • Construction defects – claims for damages


  • Representation before general Czech courts
  • Representation before the courts in administrative cases
  • Representation before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
  • Representation before courts of arbitration
  • Comprehensive legal consultation in litigation
  • Analysis of the client’s position in a dispute


  • The representation of individuals and legal entities in criminal proceedings
  • The enforcement of claims for damages
  • The preparation of submissions to the authorities involved in criminal proceedings
  • Representation in criminal proceedings
  • Consultation

Why chose our law office?


We strive for a high level of expertise and experience.


We are highly flexible and upon request, we can arrive in person.


Due to our cooperation with renowned tax advisors we can offer comprehensive advice for your business.


We currently provide widespread legal services to our foreign clients especially from Switzerland,Israel, Hungary and China.

Office profile

Radomil Kožuský’s law office is closely cooperating with experienced and highly professional tax advisers – A & T Consult Ltd. Thanks to this our law firm is able to provide the clients with not only full-fledged legal services, but also consultancy in complex contexts.

Radomil Kožuský’s law office is ready to ensure a smooth compliance of legal services also in terms of administration and organization as we are equipped with appropriate technical and material background. We are also able to deal with our clients both at our office, and also at another place designated by the client.

The goal of our office is to offer legal services at high professional level, with focus on commercial / corporate law.

Due to the increase of interest we also set up a branch of our law office in Novy Jicin on 1st January 2015 and from 1st September 2015 we established another branch of our law office in the region of Karlovy Vary, Cheb.

Remuneration for services

The lawyer will usually charge the fees on the basis of an agreement with the client. Most commonly an hourly rate, but it is also possible to negotiate a fixed fee or monthly fee. Remuneration is based on the time and legal complexity of the case.

Outside contract remuneration

If there is not a contractual agreement about the remuneration then applies so called tariff value, which is a value of the represented thing. The tariff fee is regulated in § 6-12 decree, Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll. on commission and compensations of attorneys at law for provision of legal services (legal counsel tariff), which at the same time defines what is the act of legal services (§ 11 of the Ordinance). This type of fixed remuneration is based on tariffs per act of legal service and the number of operations conducted in the case.

Contractual remuneration

  1. Time based/hourly rates – The total fee charged is based on the hourly rate charged for each person who carried out the work multiplied by the number of hours spent by each person on each of the tasks performed.
  2. Flat Fee – a fixed fee normally charged for particular administration act in one or more cases or for providing legal services for a fixed period of time of for indefinite period. The remuneration is in most cases payable monthly. It is suitable for those clients who are interested in long-term cooperation with the lawyer.
  3. Fixed fee – the agreed fee per particular act of legal services. (What is considered an act of legal services is enshrined in § 11 lawyers tariff.)
  4. Shared fee – is determined according to the outcome of the dispute. The remuneration is determined by a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount claimed or won and which belongs to the lawyer only in the case of success of the case.

For making your decision about using a particular the legal act, please, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you a price, on the basis of an adequate information from your side which is necessary for its calculation. The VAT will also be added to the price of remuneration.

The agreed remuneration does not include cash expenses of the lawyer (court and other fees, travel expenses, postage, courier service, telecommunication charges, etc.). When communicating with our clients we use standard public communication network with standard (conventional) rates. At the request of our clients – consumers (natural person acting outside their business activity) we will issue a proof of our service stating the date of service.

In the case of a claim of our legal services from your side we will issue a written confirmation about when the law was applied, what the content of the complaint is and what method of claim handling you require. We inform our current and future clients, who are also consumers about the possibility of amicable resolution of any consumer disputes between the lawyer and the client (contracts for the provision of legal services). The authorized authority for resolving these disputes is the Czech Bar Association (conciliation committee).

Our team

Mgr. Radomil Kožuský, MBA

+420 604 228 650, radomil.kozusky@kozusky.cz

  • Lawyer registered in the Czech Bar Association under registration number 13542
  • Owner of the law office
  • A specialist in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency law and legal disputes
  • Entitled to verify signatures
  • Language: English

Mgr. Zuzana Kožuská

+420 605 431 377, zuzana.kozuska@kozusky.cz

  • Lawyer registered in the Czech Bar Association under registration number 14 631
  • A specialist in civil and family law and criminal law
  • Language: English

Mgr. Petr Slovák

+ 420 773 516 714, petr.slovak@kozusky.cz

  • Articled clerk registered in the Czech Bar Association under registration number 34866
  • A specialist in civil law, construction law, real estate law, labor right
  • Language: German, English

Mgr. Miroslav Kutílek

+ 420 731 477 991, miroslav.kutilek@kozusky.cz

  • Lawyer registered in the Czech Bar Association under registration number 16457
  • A specialist in civil and corporate law, criminal law
  • Language: English, German

Jessica Liu

+ 420 702 058 079, jessica.liu@kozusky.cz

  • Cooperating person focused on foreign clients
  • Language: Czech, English, Chinese

We help/PRO BONO

Our law firm participates in a number of non-profit charity events, during which we provide assistance in very varied fields. It consists of support in so-called third world countries (financial aid), specific support of athletes (financial aid) or specific

support of artists in the field of art (material and financial aid). With regard to the fact that our subject of activities is provision of legal services, we also regularly provide free legal services, particularly to natural persons.

Initial advice free of charge

It is our legal firm’s opinion that the law should serve the people, not the legal profession. During our work we unfortunately encounter the fact that the law does not just favour the aware, but frequently also those who can afford legal aid. This is why we decided to start a project, which would help people who genuinely need legal aid and cannot afford it or are not sure whether erudite legal aid is worth it or can help them. If you believe that you

fall within the aforementioned categories, please write to us explaining your query as specifically as possible, including the circumstances related to the query as accurately as possible using our contact form, which you can find in the contact section, and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible. However, please be aware that we reserve the right to decide which queries we will and which queries we will not answer.


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